Make your hotel profitable

Use the professional management

Analyze your financial goals and results

Develop your general hotel strategy

Change your hotel atmosphere on unique

Increase your staff efficiency

Increase your sales and revenue

Create your perfect team

Be in Targeted Communications

Choose your target segments


CONSTANTA HOTELS – a hotel management company, which has professional experience of more than 15 years

The company CONSTANTA HOTELS improves quality parameters of hotels, provides professional service to the objects at the design stage or existing hotels.

CONSTANTA HOTELS always provides service of a high quality. Our company provides opportunity to use experience of hotel business professionals. We’ve participated in several projects of launching, re-launch, reconstruction, restructuring of hotel complexes.

Our network of hotel business management – is a combination of knowledge and experience of applied commerce and strategic marketing. CONSTANTA HOTELS entered hotel business market after getting sufficient experience for realization.

Our goal is to make hotels perfect for modern visitor. We will indue the hotel with features and atmosphere which make guests choose your hotel. We create something “special” for every client. We are working for satisfying needs of every client.

CONSTANTA HOTELS is developing a business model for every partner to make business operations clear and transparent, with high level of ADR and availability of rooms.

CONSTANTA HOTELS is your reliable partner, who uses successful commercial and marketing experience to make your business powerful and profitable.